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  • Hey Billy, i got a big problem man, contact me on my mail adress if you look this ..

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  • I want to write the walkthroughs for Whorecraft all chapters and all episodes. Can you create all these pages and link them to the main page ? I am pretty bad at creating wiki pages but I can complete the pages if you add them with templates and all that.

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    • Hello and thank you for showing your support.

      I've eddited the first article you created, so that now it uses the basic template. I also assumed that you meant the second remake made with Unreal Engine 4 - I made a few changes to the title as well.

      As for the other pages, I'm sorry, I can't do this. Each article should be written and checked for quality first before it can be linked to the main page.

      Note that you will be able to access the Whorecraft episodes articles through the category page. You can also add each individual article to your Following page.

      The most efficient way to edit articles, I believe, would be to use Classic editor -> Source tool. This way, you can work with the page code itself and use all of its advantages.

      Also, please, while edditing an article, try to stick to the existing style. Remember that you can always check the Source tool of any already created page and see how it's organized and which special elements it uses.

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