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The Chronicles of Alexstrasza is an adult parody game setting based on Warcraft universe. Currently it includes three related series - Whorecraft, Tails of Azeroth and XXXMas - and many various episodes, the last of which is Blue is Better 2 (In Dev).

All rights to Warcraft and its characters belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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Blue is Better 2
Blue is Better 2 is the sixth game in Tails of Azeroth series. The latest game version available for donors is v0.65 ...


Did you know?

Aurils Projects started back during Unreal Engine 3, where she started on her Whorecraft Chapter I series, Later started working on Chapter II though later moved to Unreal Engine 4 for her later episodes: Episode 2 Prologue to the Epilogue.

After working on some of her later projects, that she dubbed the: Tails of Azeroth series which were meant to be single episodic episodes from her older Projects, she decided to remake/remaster her older yet still popular Chapter I series, starting of which with (Episode 1 Remake), Though has not come back and remade any others as of yet.

Auril's games have been around for a very long time, it goes to show she has been making and releasing games/updates monthly to yearly as of seen in her Tails of Azeroth series, there are currently 26 known games that have been released to the public.
this also is shown where Auril decided to create a small running series called: XXXMas where she would create a Christmas inspired game every december.

During some point in development of her games, Auril finds time to add Easter eggs to previous games or future games that have been teased, She loves to sneak in some fan favourite characters, sometimes it's a nice nod or more a tease for more content.

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